Nepalese Home is a non-profit humanitarian organization registered with the id 258 in the District Administration Office Kathmandu and affiliated in 2005 with the id 18810 in the Social Welfare Council in Nepal. NH has been working under The Apple of Gods’ Eyes Nepal project. It started its work from The Apple of God’s Eyes Nepal inception and has successfully been working basically in the field of anti-trafficking campaign with repatriation and providing educational support and vocational training. It has also been working for providing legal supports to the survivors of trafficking.

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We are a family with full compassionate heart, sharing love and care, giving hope and dreams to those who are hopeless and lost.


Our mission is to provide dignity for girls and children encouraging them in their dreams and supporting them all the way possible.


It operates closely with Social Welfare Council, Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare, Central Child Welfare Board, District Child Welfare Boards, District Development Committee and Village Development Committees. It also collaborates with other similar organizations working for the promotion of child and women rights.


World Mobilization ( from Brazil is the main supporting organization to Nepalese Home. WM has signed an agreement with Social Welfare Council of Nepal.


Nepalese Home has various shelter homes with repatriated children, who were sold to human trafficking, as well as children who suffered sexual abuse or were at risk of human trafficking and therefore had to be sheltered for protection. Our homes have an excellent standard of quality, beds, food, and above all a family environment of peace and harmony with honor in a work of restoring dignity. In our homes the children have also physical, emotional and psychological follow up. At each home the children are encouraged to express themselves through visual arts, music, dance and other cultural activities.


Education produces transformation. The objective of Shristi Gyan Secondary School is to expand the cultural and social universe of students, as well as equipping them to perform in society with critical thinking, initiative, creativity, autonomy, authority and social responsibility. Through efficient strategies and new technologies, they will interact intellectually and socially with the community. Our school supports children from the homes as well as children from the community and the education standard is high with well trained professionals. There are ample ventilated classrooms, a sports court, playground, library, science lab, computer lab, TV and video room and dance room. Working in the teacher’s board we have men and women from our homes being trained to be the school’s future teachers and leaders.


Repatriation is the legal work of bringing girls back to Nepal, who were sold abroad. After the girl is rescued in India by partner organizations, they stay in the custody of Child Welfare Committee (CWC), an Indian council that looks after children’s causes. After testifying in judicial court, they are forwarded and sheltered in Nepalese Home. Several papers are needed by the consulate of Nepal or Embassy while re-entering Nepal in the first district at the border. When they reach the Nepalese Home they are received with much love, given a medical exam, and they receive gifts that recall their childhood, such as dolls, teddy bears, etc. The next step is providing a school where they will study to reconstruct their life with dignity and a hopeful future.


Scholarship has been and efficient mean of trafficking prevention, as opening homes is not enough. We must take action to prevent child trafficking and a proven effective method is to keep the children in their own village communities, living with their families. For this, school expenses like monthly fees, uniforms, notebooks, school bags and shoes are provided by Nepalese Home through the Apple of God’s Eyes project. The children are monitored in studying, going to school and their reports are followed up and their families also are assisted on a regular basis. Also, at the schools and villages where the prevention program is applied, videos against human trafficking and sexual abuse are shown.


Nepalese Home cherishes a dream of self-support, supplied by selling handcrafted products such as clothes, tablecloths, bracelets, etc., all made in training center. Recently we have opened our bridal shop, renting wedding and party dresses and providing facilities for the bride. We also have an area to cultivate vegetables and plants and raise chickens and goats. The aim of all activities is to bring self-support in a short period of time. We thank all those who have helped so far. We still need help for some time. But the dream of self-support is pursued with diligence.